Coupon for a royal sauna for two

This is the most luxurious sauna ritual for two. The ritual lets you relax in comfort and pamper yourselves with the pleasures of the sauna, when the entire area of Perkūnija is there just for the two of you, and during the entire sauna ritual each of you is looked after by your own personal sauna master, who will perform the individual scrubbing of the body, the gentle personalised use of a bundle of twigs to lightly tap and refresh the skin, and a massaging rub of the body with honey or other gifts of nature. Here, you rest in our sauna platform, listening to relaxing music and breathing in the many scents of the plants, herbs and other natural treasures of the forest and meadows. The sauna ritual takes about 4 hours. After this sauna, you will truly feel rested, and you will experience many pleasant sensations. We would like to ask that you register for the royal sauna ritual in advance by telephone or by booking through our website’s calendar.