Smoke sauna rituals

 Smoke sauna session

*Recomended for 4-6 guests
*1 sauna master
*Time: 3 hours
*Price: 300 EUR (includes Sauna rent and 1 Sauna master).

The program consists of:

  1. First steam ritual where all the guests make a wish and a sauna master will pour the water with your wishes on the hot stones. You will feel how the steam is going down and gently warming you. Then a sauna master will do a gentle massage whith oak or birch tree whisks for you. It is the time for a full relax. You can stay in sauna as much as it is comfortable for you.
  2. Relax, drinking water and tee in a resting room.
  3. Going to the smoke sauna second time. The sauna master will gently heat you with birch, oak or other whisks. Then he will show you how to make a scrub for your body with a natural scrub from salt and other materials form nature (herbs, berries, chestnut e.t.c). Each time the scrub is made according to the season. Afters the scrub you can go to the pond or a sauna masters can wash you in sauna.
  4. Relax, drinking water and tee in a resting room.
  5. Going to the sauna third time. A sauna master will heat you with whisks and then will make for you a soap massage with a birch whisk. It is a very relaxing and pleasant procedure. After that you will be washed with a warm water in sauna, like on the old days, when people went to sauna for washing, cleaning the body and mind.

*We will serve towels, blankets, sauna caps, water and Lithuanian herbal tee.

  Rental of the smoke sauna

Smoke sauna rent-  160 EUR

If you would like to quietly spend time with your group, we invite you to rent the smoke sauna.

*We serve water and Lithuanian herbal tee.

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