April 20, 2022

When a professional sauna master conducts a sauna session

When a professional sauna master conducts a sauna session 1024 576 Perkūnijos erdvė

People don’t think about how different a sauna can be when a session is conducted by a sauna master. A lot of us think to ourselves, well, can that sauna master really tell us anything that we don’t already know? We already know everything, right? But all sauna enthusiasts who have experienced a sauna session with a sauna master even once will tell you that it took relaxation to a whole different level.

First of all, when a sauna master conducts the sauna session, there is a clearly-defined procedure and sequence of steps. The sauna master tells people how many times the sauna will be entered, what will be done, and how the sauna session will occur. People are introduced to the fundamental principles of a healthy sauna session. The sauna master tells people what levels of temperature and humidity are optimal, how much time can be spent in a steam bath, and when it is possible to dive into cold water. The sauna master monitors how the guests feel during the sauna session, and knows when a person needs to be cooled off and how much time can be spent in the heat, because all of us are different and our needs are individual.

If people go into a sauna themselves, lacking elementary knowledge, there is often chaos in the sauna. The steam bath is entered whenever somebody wants to enter. The door is constantly being opened and closed. One person might not have heated up, and others are already coming in. In that case, it is unclear precisely how much heat each person needs, and a sort of competition begins, to see who can hold out the longest. And that leads to nothing good, because that is not at all what the sauna is for. Then it becomes possible to become overheated, to lack oxygen, maybe even to faint.

And people often do not know how to operate the sauna stove. They don’t know what kind of stove it is, when and how much water and what kind of water to pour onto the stones, and when to close the doors of the stove. Every sauna stove has its own character and peculiarities. The steam of one stove may be hotter and drier, the heat of another stove may be gentler and more humid, while the heat of yet another may have a special flavour of smoke. One stove might have to be fired throughout the entire sauna session, while another stove might only need to be prepared before the sauna session. The sauna master knows how to prepare it. If you want your sensations in the sauna to be as pleasant as possible and to have enough steam, you have to know a lot of nuances and details that most guests have no idea even exist. That is the professional sauna master’s job.

Yet another danger to a guest’s health arises when people bring a lot of food and drink into the sauna. They overeat, and then they enter the sauna. And then somebody’s stomach stops working, and it becomes difficult for people to breathe and to even sit in the steam bath. This happens because the digestive system is overloaded. It takes a lot of energy to digest food. But the body at that time is in a hot environment, and the body is trying to cool itself down. That is why sauna masters do not recommend eating during the sauna ritual. They know how a person who overeats before or during the sauna session makes the experience more difficult. Therefore, if you listen to the sauna master and follow the recommendations, the sauna experience will be safe and enjoyable, and the day after the sauna session you will feel good.
A sauna session with a sauna master is safer. The sauna master knows how many times it will be needed to enter the sauna. The sauna master creates the sauna ritual according to the needs of the guests, and provides the guests with all the necessary accessories. For example, the sauna master knows what kind of twigs are suitable and safe for use. The sauna master knows how to properly prepare them before the sauna session, so the twigs do not lose their leaves and remain soft, light and gentle. The sauna master, of course, also knows how to use the twigs. The sauna master knows which movement of the twigs has what effect and how to masterfully control the steam with the twigs. When people use the twigs themselves, they often have little or no idea of the reason the twigs are used and the sequence in which they are used, or they use unsuitable twigs which scratch or injure the skin, and after such a “sauna” a guest might lose any interest in going back to the sauna again. After experiencing the skilful use of twigs by a sauna master, people only then understand what a big difference there is between just getting randomly struck by twigs and being skilfully, pleasingly relaxed by the massaging twig motions that progressively warm a person up. In that case, people want to return to the sauna again and again.

And another thing, perhaps the most important of all, is that the sauna master enjoys such work. Every sauna session is an opportunity for the sauna master to share knowledge, create a unique sauna programme, improvise and enjoy what is done. Every sauna master has their own style and their own secrets, and wants to share them with guests. To make the sauna session succeed, the sauna master has to know a lot of things. It is constant growth and creative work. This is why the sauna session with a sauna master will broaden your horizons, teach you new things and let you pamper yourself with a proper sauna session, without having any cares or concerns. Try out the programmes conducted by sauna masters, and enjoy what the sauna masters are prepared to give you. Because the greatest gift for a sauna master is to see the smiling faces of people after a sauna session.