This was our very first and, in a way, our most-loved sauna. Up to 10 guests can use it at one time, but the optimal maximum is 8. Because we ourselves are professional sauna masters, we built the sauna to be pleasant and comfortable for both the guest and the sauna master. The comfortable sauna is made from wooden logs. You will find a peaceful relaxation space with a view of the pond, herb-scented anteroom for sipping tea, designed for conversation and taking a break between sauna sessions. The sauna features a spacious steam bath with a comfortable, wide platform for sitting or lying down, and washing away all that is unnecessary. Here, you also find the heart of the sauna, the periodically-fired stove hand-built by the host, Robertas. Firing the sauna with natural firewood, the live flame flickers across the stones, heating them until they are white-hot, while the smoke exits through the chimney, leaving the interior of the sauna itself clean. That is why such a sauna is called “white”. It is an old, even ancient principle for stoking the fire in a sauna, adapted to present-day preferences. Such a stove is highly valued by professional sauna masters, because it produces a light and soft steam, and a natural warmth produced by the fire and water. Because the stones are enclosed and do not radiate their heat into the surroundings, it is easy to stay in the steam bath, and it is possible to regulate the quantity of heat and steam at the desired level. For this reason, the sauna can be enjoyed by those who prefer a softer kind of heat as well as by those who enjoy a more intense heat.

Sauna rituals

August 2022
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Educational sauna ritual for a group, “The miracle of a Lithuanian sauna”

Length of the programme: 4 hours, price EUR 300
Recommended for up to 8 guests

This is a lively educational sauna programme for all who already enjoy the sauna as well as for those who are only just beginning to discover it. Led by a professional sauna master, you will feel how the sauna can be light and pleasant, you will relax and warm up, and you will enjoy the pleasures of the Lithuanian sauna. What awaits you here:
*The ritual of the first steam with best wishes and a light warm-up with a bundle of twigs (the so-called “bath broom”) and a tasting of herbal tea.
*The aromatic inhalation of salt, warming-up with a bundle of twigs, and the use of a natural scrub. Assisted by the sauna master, everyone scrubs down the skin of the body.
*A more intensive session using the bundle of twigs, in which everyone uses the twigs, assisted by the sauna master.
*The sauna is concluded with the ritual of giving thanks and a sweet dessert to indulge the body, just a little.

Evergreen sauna “Forest fairy-tale”

Length of the programme: 4 hours, price EUR 300
Recommended for up to 8 guests

The forest is our second home, full of gifts offered by nature. In the evergreen sauna, what awaits you:
*The best wishes of the sauna and the soft, aromatic touch of evergreen trees.
*The aromatic inhalation of salt, scented by the forest, and the use of a salt scrub with an evergreen scent.
*The gentle use of a bundle of evergreen and leafy twigs.
*Peaceful relaxation and fragrant tea, listening to the sounds of sauna meditation.
*The forest’s gifts for the body.

  Fragrant and healing sauna “Bee buzz”

Length of the programme: 4 hours, price EUR 300
Recommended for up to 8 guests

Lithuanians have gathered honey from tree hollows for as long as anyone can remember, and later began to keep beehives, respectfully sharing with the bees. That is how the Lithuanian word bičiulis (friend, buddy) came into being. Let us too share this friendship in the sauna, as in a warm beehive, where the bee goddess Austėja weaves the sauna and generously shares the gifts of the bees. What awaits you here:
*Flight of the bees into the beehive and friendly best wishes. Honey-scented tasting of herbal tea and a pleasant warm-up using bundles of twigs.
*The inhalation of salt with propolis (bee glue) and the scrubbing of the entire body with products generously provided by the bees.
*Friendly use of a bundle of twigs, “the dance of the bees”.
*The ceremonious gathering of the harvest (the taking of honey), when the bees share the honey they have made from Lithuanian plants. We pamper our bodies with it, and we thank the bees for their extraordinary work and generosity.

  Sauna ritual for women, “The Dance of the Witches”

Length of the programme: 4 hours, price 300 EUR
Recommended for up to 8 guests

A priestess, a witch (ragana), or, to put it another way, “to see” (reginti), “seer” (regėtoja): a wise woman, well-versed in the secrets of life, living at one with nature and creating around herself a warm and cosy environment, where it is good to be, to recover, to recharge, to regain one’s strength. Every woman carries within herself the witch-like wisdom. This sauna is for all women to come together, to see their future, to share, to talk and to be silent, to laugh, and perhaps to cry a bit, too. Whatever you feel like doing that day. There are no rules in this sauna. The sauna flows like a river, and it is watched over by a wise female sauna master, who will pamper you, calm you, relax you, and fill your heart with the taste of life itself.

Royal sauna “Through the body”

Length of the programme: 4 hours
Recommended for up to 4 guests, price:
For one: EUR 220
For two: EUR 300
For three: EUR 400
For four: EUR 500

Perkūnas, the god of thunder, is one of the most prominent beings in the mythology of the Balts. In ancient sources, we can also find the goddess Perkūnė, who goes through and across a person’s body with a bundle of twigs. Through our bodies, we experience this world in the here and now, in the moment. We invite you to be, in a royal way, to use a bundle of twigs as Perkūnė would use them, to open yourself to the world. In this sauna, each of you will be looked after by your personal sauna master, who will take care of you throughout the entire sauna ritual. You will be pampered with individual scrubbing of the body, attentive use of a bundle of twigs and the relaxing, massaging application of honey, oil or other natural gifts. After such a sauna, you will feel truly reborn, as if a thunderstorm has passed.

 Rental of the “white” sauna, without a sauna master

Monday to Thursday: EUR 150
Friday to Sunday: EUR 200

If you are already familiar with the main principles of the sauna, and if you know how to behave with the periodically-fired stove, and if you want to make your friends or loved ones happy, we invite you to rent the Perkūnija sauna.