Thunder Sauna Programs

Lithuanian sauna session for group

Duration: 4 hours, price  EUR 300
Recommended for up to 8 guests, each additional guest EUR 35.

This is a lively educational sauna program for all who already enjoy the sauna as well as for those who are only just beginning to discover it. Led by a professional sauna master, you will feel how the sauna can be light and pleasant, you will relax and warm up, and you will enjoy the pleasures of the Lithuanian sauna. What awaits you here:

*The ritual of the first steam with best wishes and a light warm-up with whisks and a tasting Lithuanian herbs in sauna;
*The aromatic inhalation of salt, warming-up with whisks. Assisted by the sauna master, everyone scrubs down the skin of the body;
*Whisking assisted by the sauna master;
*The sauna is concluded with the ritual of giving thanks and a honey mask for the body.
*We serve water, Lithuanian herbal tee, sauna caps and towels.

 Sauna session for women

Duration: 4 hours, price 300 EUR
Recommended for up to 8 guests, each additional guest EUR 35

A wise woman, well-versed in the secrets of life, living at one with nature and creating around herself a warm and cosy environment, where it is good to be, to recover, to recharge, to regain one’s strength. Every woman carries within herself the witch-like wisdom. This sauna is for all women to come together, to see their future, to share, to talk and to be silent, to laugh, and perhaps to cry a bit, too. Whatever you feel like doing that day. There are no rules in this sauna. The sauna flows like a river, and it is watched over by a wise female sauna master, who will pamper you, calm you, relax you, and fill your heart with the taste of life itself.

Royal sauna session

Duration: 4 hours
1 guest EUR 280 (sauna rent and 1 sauna master),

2 guests 400 EUR (sauna rent and 2 sauna masters).

Through our bodies, we experience this world in the moment. We invite you to be, in a royal way. In this sauna session, each of you will have a personal sauna master, who will take care of you throughout the entire sauna session. You will experience:

*Bath with Epsom salt and essential oils for feet;
*Ritual of the first steam, gentle massage with whisks;
*Tasting the smell of Lithuanian herbs;
*Aromatherapy with salt and propolis;
*Individual body treatment with salt scrub/ clay/ soap massage with birch;
*Rest in the relaxation area;
*Honey massage for the body in sauna;
*Each guest will have his own sauna master;
*We serve water and Lithuanian herbal tee;
*We provide a sauna cap, a bathrobe and a towel.

Gentle sauna session for two “Burbles”

Duration: 3 hours, 1 sauna master
Price: 300 EUR

Here you will experience:

*Ritual of the first steam, gentle massage with whisks and tasting the smell of herbs;
*Aromatheraphy with salt inhalation and personal scrub for the body;
*A sauna master will make a soap massage with a birch whisk;
*Swimming in a pond or taking shower;
*Relax in a quiet resting room;
*We serve water and Lithuanian herbal tee;
*We provide a sauna cap, a bathrobe and a towel.

 Rental of the Thunder sauna, without a sauna master

Thunder Sauna is a big comfortable sauna for a group up to 10 guests.
Rent price: 4 hours – 200EUR.

We serve you water, Lithuanian herbal tee and 2 whisks.

If you are already familiar with the main principles of the sauna, and if you know how to behave with the periodically-fired stove, and if you want to make your friends or loved ones happy, we invite you to rent the Perkūnija sauna.