Terms and conditions of purchase

*The purchase and sale contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer selects a sauna service on the Perkūnijos pirties erdvė website www.perkunijoerdve.lt, fills in the reservation table for the sauna service or forms a shopping cart in the electronic store, specifies the Buyer’s and the recipient’s data, selects the payment method and, after familiarizing himself with the rules, clicks on the “Confirm Order” button, and is valid until the complete fulfillment of the obligations under this contract. If the Buyer does not agree with all or only part of the Rules, he may not place the order.

*The Buyer has the right to purchase sauna services and goods in the e-store, subject to compliance with these Rules and the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

*The Buyer undertakes to pay for the purchased sauna service;

*The Buyer undertakes to pay the price for the goods and their delivery and other payments (if specified) and to accept the ordered goods.

*The Buyer pays for the sauna services and goods through his online bank, which he receives after filling in the reservation form for sauna services or after purchasing goods.

*The Buyer must meet the other requirements specified in the regulations and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

*The Buyer shall be fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. If the Buyer provides incorrect, inaccurate data in the registration form, the Seller shall not be responsible for it.

*The Seller has the right to indefinitely suspend/terminate sauna services and e-store activities without separate notice with full future Buyer reservations refund.

*The Seller has the right to unilaterally change these rules by notifying the Perkūnijas pirtis section on the website www.perkunijoserdve.lt. The changes come into force from the date of updating for all transactions completed after the publication.

*Sauna service is provided according to the date and time specified in the reservation form.

*If a sauna session you purchased is canceled by us, you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount you paid for that session. This refund will be processed within 14 business days of the cancellation and will be credited to your original method of payment. Failure to show up for your session without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance negates this refund policy.

*The electronic sauna training will be automatically sent to the buyer within 1-3 days after payment.

*The Buyer is responsible for the actions he/she takes through the Sauna Service and E-Store reservation form.

*The gift voucher gives the buyer the right to use the service or buy the product for the amount stated on the voucher.

*A gift or service voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the gift voucher.

*The number of people who can use this Gift Certificate must be indicated on the Gift Certificate.

*Upon arrival at “Thunderstorm Space”, you must present a gift certificate in physical or electronic form.

*Pre-registration is required before you can use a sauna program with a gift certificate.

*After the expiration date of the gift certificate, the validity period of the gift certificate will not be extended and the product or service will be considered to have been provided. The money for an unused gift certificate will not be refunded unless “Perkūnijas pirties mokykla” VŠĮ agrees to do so in good faith or for an additional fee.

*By purchasing a gift certificate, the customer agrees to the information contained in this procedure.

*”Perkūnija pirties mokykla” VŠĮ reserves the right to change the procedure and rules for extending the validity of the gift certificate at any time.

Conditions and rules for sending the “Perkūnijos svēšas” gift certificate

After receiving the payment for the gift voucher, it will be sent to the customer within 1-5 days via the email provided by the customer. You can print it out.

Upon separate agreement of both parties, we can send the gift voucher in paper form by courier. In this case it is necessary to contact “Perkūnijas pirties school, VŠĮ”. The delivery will take 3-5 working days.