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Perkūnija sauna school was founded in the year 2016. Here the professional sauna masters share their knowledge and their mastery. Four groups of students have already graduated our sauna school. When you come to study the art of sauna, you learn how to correctly use the sauna and what benefits you get by using it. You can feel how pleasant a sauna can be. You can also learn many useful things which can and will improve your well-being and help you relax. You will feel the difference of different sauna types which include steam sauna, smoke sauna and you will also learn the difference that sauna stoves make. You will learn about different whisks (birch, oak, etc.) and learn how to do a traditional Lithuanian whisking, body scrub and other sauna procedures. You will learn how to create your own sauna ritual and how to become a sauna master, so you could let your family or friends experience the way of the Lithuanian sauna. When you come to the sauna world, you will meet a lot of interesting people and your sauna journey will begin. For further information please contact us